If your user has been enabled to use the Outbound Services in the Mediahawk platform you will see the Icon appear in your Top bar like this:


If you do not have this Icon, please contact the Client Services team enable the Outbound Services on your account at clientservices@mediahawk.co.uk or on 03332228333 or via out live chat 

To be able to make outbound calls you need to setup how the dialer will work and the number it will call.

Within the Mediahawk Portal - Select My Account > Account Settings

Scroll down to the Outbound Section. 


Enter your number that you would like to receive the calls on. If there is no Global CLI or Agent assigned CLI set on your account, this will also be the number we will display to the customer (This can be restricted as below)

If you would like to restrict your CLI (withhold your number being show to the customer) you can by selecting Yes.

If you would like to switch on an email report showing your outbound activity, you can by selecting any of the below frequencies.


When complete click Save 

To check you setup you can open the Dialer Icon.

The Icon will show a dial pad as below.


We will call - this is the number you have selected for us to dial to initate the outbound call.

We will show - this is the number we will present (show) to your customer, if there is no Global CLI or Agent assigned CLI set on your account, this will be your number (if not restricted)

You are now all set to make outbound calls. 

Would you like to setup up Click to Call - HERE and Instructions are HERE

Guide how to Place and Outbound Call. - HERE


If you require any assistance, please contact our Client Services team on 0333 222 8333, or client services@medihawk.co.uk, or via live chat.