Our Parameter Connect feature answers all your burning questions for your cross-channel campaigns: What's effective? What's not? Where should you focus your efforts?

Unlock endless possibilities: Mix and match your data effortlessly with our innovative feature, Parameter Connect. Finally, gain the insights you need to thrive in today's competitive market.

You can mix and match your parameters to show the data you want to see across both static and dynamic tracking. 

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How do I setup a parameter 

Login in to the Mediahawk platform https://www.reports.mediahawk.co.uk

Select Admin

Then select Parameters then Setup

Select the + icon 

Enter the parameter name and URL Tag (optional) that you would like to view data by. In this example we want to view all our paid calls together.

The URL Tag must be unique per parameter, IE something like utm_usedcarelocator. Generic Tags such as utm_campaign will be attributed to the generic parameters setup.

Click Save

You will see the parameter created in both the setup screen and in the left menu

How do I add data to a parameter?

 In order to see data in a parameter you need to assign any / all of the following: static number, dynamic pool, source/medium or a UTM tag to your parameter. 

You can do this in a couple of ways:

Adding a static or pool directly in the parameter.

Within the parameter click the + icon.

In this example below we have set a value of 'Google Ads' and selected a number that is our static number assigned to the Google Ads forwarding number. (You can add as many numbers as you wish to this value.

Click Save

You will see the parameter has been created for 'Paid' with the value 'Google Ads' and the number assigned.

Adding a source/medium to a parameter

To add the generic source Google / PPC to our existing parameter of Paid / Google Ads.

Navigate to the Dynamic / then to the Source / mediums section in Admin

You will find Google/PPC listed under generic sources 

Select the 3 lines next to the Google / PPC source/medium

In this section you select the parameter from the dropdown you would like to associate the source/medium with and then input the value. If you want this data to appear in an existing parameter value, you have to enter the correct value name. (its case sensitive)

In this example, we have selected Paid and we want to update an existing value called Google Ads. 

Click Save.

To add a custom source to an existing parameter, such as Autotrader

Navigate to the Dynamic / then Source/mediums in the Admin section

Select the source you would like to add.

Then select the 3 columes as highlighted

Then select the parameter you want to assign this source to and select the value (if nothing set, create a new one.

Click Save

Once you are happy with the setup. Click save at the top of the page to save all changes

You can now see that the parameter Paid now has assigned as static number for Google Ads call forwarding and a source/medium of Google/PPC

Why not book some time with our team who will assist with setting up your own Parameters and combining the data how you would like to see it.