Using the Mediahawk platform you can place an outbound call to any customer in the world.

You can simply enter a number in the Dial Pad, Use Click to Call or even click a number within the Mediahawk platform to make an outbound call. I all methods we will dial your the number you have setup within My Account / Account Settings.and you'll be asked to "Please press any key to accept the call." 

Once you have pressed the key, we'll dial the customer for you. From the customers perspective there is no difference in how the call is received.

Dial Pad Input

If you know the number you would like to dial, simply enter the number in the Dial Pad. Once the telephone Icon has gone green (verification of digits entered) you simply press the Green dial button to initiate the call. The Icon will turn Red allowing you to hang up if necessary.

Click to Call 

Once setup Click to Call allows you to simply click on any number in a browser, application etc (that is compatable with Click to Call functionality) and automatically Dial that number or add it to the dial pad for you to initate the call. 

Click with Mediahawk Report

Numbers that appear in Mediahawks Reports that are clickable can be called direct or added to the Dialer. If you initiate a call from an inbound caller CLI, Mediahawk automtically matches the inbound and outbound together in a single visitor flow. Allowing your teams to know that all inbound calls that may have been missed or require a follow up, have been actioned.

If you require any assistance, please contact our Client Services team on 0333 222 8333, or, or via live chat