Accounts  If you have multiple accounts with Mediahawk you can see the quantity of calls per account with this report

Campaign – The Campaign report allows you to compare information from multiple Dynamic campaigns as well as compare your Static campaign call quantities.

Sources - All referrals to a website have an origin, this is referred to as a source. Possible sources can include google, facebook or direct.

Mediums – A medium refers to the way a customer found the site, mediums include PPC, Organic, Direct and Referral.

Referrals – If a customer comes to your website from a source other than a search engine it is classed as a referral, the referrals report allows you to see a breakdown of all other websites that have referred traffic to your website.

Keywords – This report shows the Keywords that have generated in visit calls. We are able to report on keywords from Google PPC, Bing and Yahoo.

Visitors – This report allows you to track customers journey from the first time they clicked on the website to the point they made a call and any actions after that.

Pages – The calls reported relate to the page your customer was on when they picked up the phone and made a call. This report allows you to see which pages prompt customers to pick up the phone and call.

Pools – A number pool is a group of numbers allocated to your website to allow routing to specific departments or sites. This allows you to see how many calls have been generated by each number pool and whether they are being answered consistently.

Calls – This report shows you the calls that have been generated through all Mediahawk numbers. If call recording has been enabled you can listen to your calls here.

First/Last Click – First/Last click allows you to see source effectiveness by comparing First and Last click calls in one report.

Paid Search Calls – When you link Google AdWords and/or Bing Ads to Mediahawk you can see the calls generated by paid search alongside all your Ad information right down to the cost incurred to generate the call.

Paid Search Campaigns – Once Google AdWords and/or Bing Ads are linked to Mediahawk you can use this report to view all Ad campaigns and Ad groups against the Mediahawk data, you can even compare your Bing and Google information in one report.

Channel/Media Owner and Department – These reports can be customised as data segments which allow you to group your Static numbers to make it easier to report on your offline advertising.

Media – A Media description is applied to your Static numbers to allow you to keep track of which number is advertised where. This report allows you to see individual response to your telephone numbers.

Call Scoring – There are many ways you can categorise your calls, through IVR selection or through call listening (If call recording is enabled) this report allows you to easily see your categories. Any notes made on the call during call listening will be stored on this report.

Area – Use this report to break your calls down by Region, County, Postcode and more. This is a great tool to see your advertising response by location.

Time – Ensure you are managing your call load effectively by checking response time by month, date or even hour. This report is key to ensuring calls generated are being handled effectively.

Effective – A phone call that was answered by a person or an automated system such as your own IVR or welcome message.

Ineffective – A call was not answered or missed.

In Visit – A phone call that was made while your customer was still on your website.

Post Visit -  A phone call that was made after the customer had left your website where the source information can still be provided.

Visitor to Call Ratio - The VCR ratio calculates how many visitors resulted in a phone call.