What is an outbound service number?

An outbound service number allows you to record any outbound calls you make. It can be used and accessed from any device, anywhere.

How do we use it?

Mediahawk will provide you with an outbound service number that must be dialled and a 4 digit PIN entered when prompted (Most modern telephone systems are able to store both the Service number and Pin, please see FAQ’s below) after the Pin has been entered you receive a prompt to then dial the destination number.

From then on, that conversation will be recorded by Mediahawk and viewable in the Mediahawk platform.

There is a pause facility, dialling 00, when confidential information such as payment details is provided.

The recording will then stop.

Pressing any key on the keypad will start the recording again.

To view the report of outbound agents/calls.

Log into the Mediahawk Platform

Select a date range on the top right hand side

You can type the date in the box or use the calendar to make your selection.
Click Apply to generate the new report for your selected date range.

Click Outbound Calls from the menu on the left.
Select Call from the drop down and click Go: this will give you all outbound calls made by all of your agents.

If you want to listen to one particular agent, select Agent in the drop down and click Go.

Tick/untick the agent to make your selection.

To access the calls made by this agent only, scroll back up and now select Call from the drop down menu and click Go.
The new table will give you all calls made by this agent.

To listen to the outbound calls.
To listen to the call, click on the Play button

If you have setup Categories for call scoring, you can enter these details whilst listening to the call.

To save the audio file to your local PC, click the Download button

Then click Save/Save As and select the folder/location where to save the file


  • Mediahawk can only track outbound calls that are made from our Service Outbound Numbers, we are not able to track them if the outbound number is not dialled and PIN used.
  • Most modern phone systems are able to pre-program the outbound number and Pin, thus saving time for the agent to do this. Please speak to your telephone provider to see if this is a feature you have.