What are the benefits of integrating GA4 and Mediahawk?

There are many benefits to integrating the Mediahawk software with GA4. The main benefits are listed below:

  • Allows you to easily view which pages generate calls in GA4.
  • Enables you to track every interaction with your campaigns and link phone calls to GA4.
  • Mediahawk sends custom data about the phone call such as call length or service number back to GA4 within 5 minutes.
  • You can choose which conversions you want to track in GA4.
  • Match your phone call data alongside your online activity in GA4 reports.
  • Lets you customise the information you send to GA4 per number/campaign.

Key Facts:

  • GA4 integrates with all Mediahawk inbound products only.
  • Mediahawk sends data to Google within 5 minutes of the call being registered on the Mediahawk system, however Google can take up to 24 hours to update the information received, please wait 24 hours after set up to see if any data transfers.
  • Google imports data using the date it receives it, so if a call finishes at 23:59, Mediahawk sends it to Google at 1:05am (the next day). The call will be logged in Google under the next day and not the date of the call.
  • Mediahawk sends all calls to Google analytics, however it’s only the in-visit Dynamic calls that get matched with the Google visitor ID.
  • We send the following fields to match data in GA4:

    > client_id: The client ID from the website (or auto generated to a random string for static/post visit)
    > timestamp_micros: The timestamp of the start of the call

> name: Description from the setup in MH 

> action: Whatever is selected to send as the action

> category: Whatever is selected to send as the category

> label: Whatever is selected to send as the label

Optional setup - debug_mode: true/false This is something we can enable at the request of a client. When it is enabled, anything that is sent to GA$ will appear in the DebugView within GA4

  • GA4 sets a parameter length limit on data being sent, in order for Mediahawk to send the conversion to GA4, if the parameter length if greater than 100 characters we truncate the parameter to 88 characters and add “[TRUNCATED]” to the end.

Common Questions:

Q1 Where do I find the Measurement ID.

A1 In Google - Admin > Property section > Data Streams - Select the Data stream you would like to connect to - The Measurment ID can be seen top right.

Q2  Where do I find the API Secret.

A2 In Google - Admin - property section > Data Streams - Select the Data stream you would like to connect to > select Measurement protocol API secrets (please note: if you not not have on setup, you will need to create one).