How does it work?

The Mediahawk Dynamic tracking service uses a small element of JavaScript to dynamically change the telephone numbers on your website.   We allocate a pool of numbers to your Dynamic product to ensure that each visitor to your website is shown a unique number. We simply replace the phone number on your website with one of ours and track the journey from first click to conversion. 

How do I implement the Dynamic Code?

Implementing the code is a very simple 2 step process.  Mediahawks advanced setup allows several ways to deploy the code making it easier and quicker to get up and running.  Most customer do not even need access to their website as it can simply be deployed using Google Tag Manager and the "Find and Replace" service. Alternatively you may wish to ask a developer or web company to assist. The Mediahawk client services team are always on hand to advise you of all the options.

What does each step of the code actually do?

Step 1:

Step 1 uses a cookie to track visitors to your website and every visitor is assigned a unique visitor ID. Mediahawk then uses this cookie and visitor ID to track where that visitor had come from (Source) and their activity around your website. We collate all this data in our easy to navigate reporting portal. 

Step 2

Step 2 of the code changes your existing telephone number into a Mediahawk dynamic number. 

When a visitor comes to your website, we assign a unique dynamic telephone number per visitor. These dynamic numbers are allocated per pool and per source for accurate reporting. This allows us to track the activity of every visitor accurately, the source they came from and if they call, we can assign the call to that visitor / visit (In visit calls only)

Where do I find my Dynamic code?

Login in to the Mediahawk Platform

Select Admin 

Click Dynamic then URLs

Then select the Campaign Name you want the Dynamic code for

You will see 3 Icons at the top of the screen

Brackets - Opens a new window with the Dynamic code

Envelope – Opens a new window where you can Email the HTML code

Arrow down – Downloads the HTML code as a PDF