Discontinued Product- We have launched our new Rest API which can be found here

Creating API Credentials

Setting up the API credentials is a simple process but you will need a good knowledge of how APIs work and connect or have a developer to assist but if you would like any advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Setting up API Credentials?

Login in to the Mediahawk Platform https://www.reports.mediahawk.co.uk

Select Admin from the left panel. (if you do not see Admin in the panel, you do not have the correct Admin level. Please contact us and we will assist with this. 

Then Select Integrate > API Settings

You will be then presented with the following screen 

Select the Enables "yes" Radio button to open show the Username and Password sections 

In the example below we have created the following

Username: MediahawktestAPI

Password: We selected the Generate button that creates a randomly generated password. You can input your own if you prefer.

Click Save

Your API is now setup, when you request data you will need to request it using these credentials