Mediahawk, by default, will send daily, weekly and monthly summary campaign reports to any registered users to our platform.

However, this might not show you exactly what is most important to you as a User or you may want to send reports to your chosen recipients who are not registered to the Mediahawk services.

You can now do this with our Email Reports which allow you to create automated email reports from any view of the Mediahawk Reports and Outbound sections, with secondary dimensions or filters as required.

To create your custom report then set up an automated email report:

Log into Mediahawk
Click Reports on the left-hand side

Navigate to the report you would like to send

Below is an example set for the Calls report with one Filter assigned

Select Calls from the drop-down

Access the Menu by clicking the three blue lines or "Hamburger"

Select Filter

Choose your filter from the drop-down

Select your chosen filter by ticking the relevant box(es)

Click Apply

If you are happy with your selection, you are now ready to create your email report

Select Email Report

Once into the Email Report section, fill in the required sections:

To: Enter your email address or any recipients's email address and use a comma to separate each address

Subject: Specify a description, this will generate the title of the email we send.

Frequency: One-off will just send the report you currently viewing with the selected date range

Then the report date range will depend of the chosen frequency

Daily: will send data for the previous day

Weekly: will send data from the previous week

Monthly: will send data from the previous month

Quarterly: will send data from the previous quarter

File Format: choose between PDF or 3 Excel extensions (.csv, .xls or .xlsx)

Message: you may write your own message here or the message you see on the screen will be provided.

Status: must be active if a frequency is selected

Click Save.

The email will then be sent on your chosen selection at your chosen frequency.