User Administration

You can manage your own user accounts directly within the Mediahawk platform. With no limit to the number of users you can have why not share the wealth of data and insight Mediahawk can offer. 

To comply with Data Protection regulations we recommend that each user has a individual user account.

Account Owners are created with the ability to add, edit and delete a user in Mediahawk but this ability can be assigned to Admins levels.

Access level and  permissions

There are three predefined access levels within the Mediahawk platform. User, Admin and Account Owner. 

By default these are setup with the specific access rights but these can be individually changed per user account to suit your needs (please note that User level can only have access to reports. All other sections require Admin access or above to gain access to the Admin area within the reporting platform).

The default settings are shown below, All access is read only unless amended in the individual user account.

User = Reports

Admin = Reports and Number/Campaign Admin Access

Account Owner = Access to all sections

All access is read only unless amended in the individual account by selecting Read & Write

Here is an explanation for each header/column:

Forename = First name

Surname = Surname

Email = Registered email address, this is where all password notifications and reports will be sent by default. We recommend these being a company email address for security purposes.

Authorisation = Authority level assigned to that specific account.(User, Admin and Account Owner)

Last Accessed = This is the last date the account was accessed. (this includes failed access attempts)

Calls (7 Days) = This details how many calls this individual has played within the Mediahawk platform in the previous 7 days

Call Rec = Does this user have access to the call recordings within the Mediahawk platform (also includes the ability to download them)

Date Created = The date the user account was created

Reports = Access to the Mediahawk reporting section (excludes Admin access by default)

Billing = Access to billing information such as billing address and invoices.

Number / Campaign Admin = Access to view / amend the details, connection of numbers and campaign information (read / write access is set per user. default is read only)

View Users = Access to view users (only available on Admin or Account Owner levels only)

Can Purchase = Ability to purchase additional services through Mediahawk platform (only available on Admin or Account Owner levels only)

Edit Users = Ability to create and edit users (only available on Admin or Account Owner levels only)

Edit API = Ability to create and edit the Mediahawk API (Within Admin > Integrate Integrate) (only available on Admin or Account Owner levels only)

Edit (with pencil) = Edit the users permissions 

Delete = Delete this users account (please note this in unrecoverable) 

Send Password Reset = This will send a password reset to the registered email address (please note reset link is only valid for 24 hours)

If the user has outbound enabled on their account, you will also see:

Outbound - Turn on, please not you cannot turn off outbound and must contact client services 

Outbound Campaign - a user must be added to a campaign to be able to see the outbound calls they have made