Log in to Mediahawk at https://www.reports.mediahawk.co.uk

Select My Account from the left-hand side.

Select Call Alerts from the menu that appears under My Account.

You will be presented with this screen

Tick the radio button Yes for Missed Call Alerts and/or Received Call Alerts.

You can then define if you would only like to receive the alerts after a minimum ring length (in seconds).

You will now need Tick all the numbers that you want to receive an alert for. You can choose to receive alerts for specific Static Service Numbers, Dynamic Campaigns or your own Destination Numbers

To select all your numbers for each category simply Tick the box under the Missed or received call section.

Static Service Numbers

Destination Numbers

Dynamic Numbers

For Dynamic, if you want to receive alerts for all numbers sets, click Missed or Received under Dynamic.

If you only want to receive alerts for some of your number sets, click the < to access the list of your current number sets to make your selection.

Click Save.



If you tick the destination number only, it will send alerts for calls that have happened on that destination number.  If a service number has an IVR, and your ticked destination number is on option one, when the call goes through to option 2, an alert will not be triggered as it’s not ended up on the destination number you have ticked.

For Received Call Alerts: emails are sent for Effective calls, meaning for calls that have been successfully answered by an automated system or a person.