Mediahawk's AI-powered Speech Insights automatically analyses every call and presents insights at both an individual call and macro level. See the exact outcome of a call based on questions that you ask. 

If you currently do not have Speech Analytics enabled on your account, this can be added through the My Subscription (Upgrade Centre) within the portal. Alternately contact our client services team today to discuss your speech requirements and work with our dedicated teams to gain the most insight out of your calls. 

If you have Speech Analytics enabled on your account, you will see a new menu, Speech Insights under the Speech Analytics section within the Admin Area.

In here you can add the Global questions Mediahawk have created to understand the main details of a call.

  • Is it a sales call?
  • Did the caller get through?
  • Did the caller achieve what they wanted?

You can add the preconfigured questions to your account by clicking the Add button.

Custom insight questions 

If you require any custom questions creating, please contact the client services team on 0333 222 8333, or via the live chat in the portal and they will be more than happy to assist creating them with you to ensure you get the best results.

If you already have any custom questions setup, you can see and manage them within the Speech Insight section. 

Managing Questions 

Within this section, you can configure each questions to follow a certain action based on the response in the call.

For example, in the question "What was the call about" we can click Configure and amend what happens when when a certain response is triggered. 

We can add all responses to a parameter, bringing all the information together in a single report. In this example we are going to add it to a Parameter called Call subject.

We can categorise the call assign automatically it to a category based on the answer, is this example we have two options setup 

1) When the answer is Product information, assign to the category Lead

2) When the answer is Recruitment, assign to the category of Recruitment.

Where can i see my data

We have created a new Speech Analytics dashboard that shows all the results based on the date picker at the top.

You can filter by any of the questions and responses receive. Instantly going access to the information you want.

Each chart can be expanded or downloaded for you to view or use. 

You can also see answers to each question within the call popup

If you require any further assistance, please contact our Client Services Team on 0333 222 8333 or or via the live chat in the portal.