What is Performance Max?

Performance Max (PMax) is a campaign type in Google Ads that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and marketing performance data to find you more customers across Google’s entire advertising network. Feeding first party data from Mediahawk call tracking into Google Ads provides powerful and rich signals to improve the performance of your campaigns helping you find new and high value customers, increase conversions, and gain richer insights. 

Key benefits of sending Mediahawk call tracking data into Performance Max at a glance:

  • Feed highly relevant audience signals into Google Ads to optimise your PMax campaigns
  • Reduce wasted ad spend and maximise your budget – by focusing on the ads and networks that deliver conversions
  • Gain a true picture of your Google Ads campaign performance across all advertising networks

Want to know how Mediahawk helps customers with their PMax and Ads campaigns - Why note read our case study

How do I connect my PMax campaigns to Mediahawk?

PMax campaigns are shown within your normal Google Ads account, when you integrate your Google Ads account, Mediahawk automatically pulls the data from your PMax campaigns into Mediahawk. 

Google Ads Integration can be found HERE

How do I identify the PMax campaigns from my normal Google Ads.

There are several reports that show the PPC data within Mediahawk. The most commonly used to show Paid Ads are the Paid Campaigns and Paid Calls reports (Please note, these are only created when you have integrated with Google Ads or other paid campaigns)

Within the Paid calls report, we have selected the secondary dimension in the hamburger icon and then selected Google ads Network from the dropdown menu. This has applied a secondary dimension to the report, this will then show you any campaigns that have been created using PMax and the calls associated with them. 

An example of the report looks like this, clearly showing which campaigns were PMax

The secondary dimension exists in several reports to be able to show the Google network.

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