How to setup the integration in HubSpot

All Hubspot versions

Create a custom property to the contacts list

  • Navigate to Contacts > Contact Settings.
  • Click Actions and select Edit properties
  • Click Create new property and input “Mediahawk Caller” as a ‘Label’ and “mediahawk_caller” as ‘Internal name’.
  • In field type, select ‘Single-line text’ and click ‘Save Property’.

Create / copy API Key (Private Access Token)

  • Navigate to your Account Setup and select integrations and then select Private Apps.

  • Click Create a Private App
  • Under the "Scopes" tab at the top of the screen, ensure the crm.objects.contacts scope has read and write permission.

  • Then click the “create app” button and copy the access token to Mediahawk integration and store under API Key field.

Enterprise version only

Creating an Event ID:

  • Navigate to HubSpot > Reports > Events.
  • Click on ‘Create new event’, then input the event name, now select ‘Custom Event’ in ‘Track type of event’ and click ‘Create Event’.
  • Go back to the list of events and click on your event. The Event ID can be found in the URL. For example in this URL
  • The highlighted part is the Event ID.

How to Setup the integration in Mediahawk

  • Log in to Mediahawk reports Admin area
  • Select Connect next to the Hubspot integrationSetup the integration as per the example below:
  • Click the toggle to "active"
  • Enter your HubSpot Portal ID
  • Enter your HubSpot Event ID (HubSpot enterprise edition only)
  • Enter your HubSpot API Key (Access Token)
  • Choose if you want to match contacts by CLI (Callers phone number) - (recommended to improve match rates)
  • And if you want us to use your branding (if enabled)
  • In ‘Number Selection’ tick the checkbox for the Mediahawk numbers / Dynamic campaigns you wish to send to Hubspot.

Field Mapping 

When we connect the integration, we automatically pull back a list of the fields created in your Hubspot account. You now have the choice to send specific Mediahwawk data to those Hubspot fields.

Hubspot fields must be setup as a "string" 

Static number field mapping

Select the Mediahawk parameter you would like to send to your corresponding field in Hubspot. 

In this example we are sending the Keyword and Number description to Hubspot fields named the same

Dynamic campaign field mapping

In this example we are sending the UTM parameters captured on the visitor journey

Once you have setup all the field you would like to send data for. Simply click Save

Refreshing Field Mappings

If you have created new fields in your Hubspot account and want to show these in the mapping, simply press the refresh Icon next to the static and Dynamic mapping. This will re-sync the connection and fields.

Advanced Settings

In the advanced settings you can set the minimum call duration time to send the data to Hubspot. Anything below the set duration will not be sent.

Disable if you do not want us to create a new contact if we do not find a match for the phone number of Hubspot ID.

For additional information, see our Intro and FAQ page