How does Call-to-Action Tracking work

Call-to-Action tracking uses a snippet of code to send data from your websites straight into the Mediahawk platform which are linked to the Call-to-Action setup in Mediahawk.

Each Call-to-Action is assigned a unique index. This allows us to track each interaction separately and assigns it automatically to the visitor’s journey. 

Each Index can either be a Count or Sum total: 

Count = the number of times it was triggered. For example, you had 10 click actions on your email address, Mediahawk totals the number of clicks for the date period selected 

Sum= the sum of a value. For example, your checkout total was £200 for the interaction, Mediahawk totals the “Sum” for the date period selected. 

To use ‘sum’ you need the ability to pick up a value Call-to-Action tracking can be set up on multiple websites by using Google Tag Manager (Triggered Tags by event), but the code can also be applied direct to the website by your own development team and track lots more!


  • You can setup up to 20 Call-to-Actions per Mediahawk account.
  • Once a Call-to-Action is added it cannot be deleted.
  • You can send a CTA conversion through to GA4 and Google Ads, if capturing a value, you can also send the value through.