Manage your Facebook Pages and assigned static numbers straight from your Mediahawk Account. 

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1) Login to your portal - 

2) Select Admin

You will see the Integration screen, select Facebook Pages and click Connect

3) Login to your Facebook account.

4) Select the access to the pages you would like to manage , Click Next

5) Set the permissions for Mediahawk access , Click Done

You will receive the confirmation

You will be returned back to the Mediahawk Setup Screen and see a page listing:

  • all the Locations associated with your Facebook Pages.
  • any UTM tracking Tags you have setup. (If you do not have any, you can set them up below)
  • the current phone number on you Facebook Page profile for the location 

6) Clicking on the location allows you to 

  • change the phone number assigned to Facebook pages (assign an existing number or purchase a new one)
  • Set the UTM tracking tags, and/or assign to a UTM Source. 

If you would like to track GBP as a specific Source. This can be setup in the Dynamic Setup in Admin 

Please note: if you remove this integration, you will have to manually update the phone number and Tags