Please be aware that the Meta Ads Integration is only compatible with Mediahawk Dynamic.

With the Meta Ads integration, you can:

  • Attribute calls made against your visits from Campaigns, and Ad Sets or Ad.
  • Import Campaign and Ad sets data and values into Mediahawk reporting.
  • Ensure Auto-tagging and Tracking templates are setup for Mediahawk to track correctly
  • Send conversions back to custom created Events within a Pixel

How do I connect my Meta Ads account to Mediahawk?

Login in to your Mediahawk account

Select the Admin Tab from the left sidebar (If you do not see the Admin Tab you are not an administrator, please contact client services to change your access. This may be subject to business approval)

Select the Meta Ads and click Connect

You will be requested to login to your Meta account and allow Mediahawk to manage the account  click Continue

Then select Continue as "Your account Name"


Then select Continue.

You will be redirected back to the Mediahawk Integration screen. Select Add Account 

Please ensure you have Ads setup in Meta to setup the tracking

Select the account from the dropdown and click Save.

Select the account in the dropdown and click Go and then select Check Tracking URL's

You will be presented with a screen showing your active Ads and if they are valid

We require these Paramaters appending to the tracking URL 


Adding the MH parameters to Meta Ads

Simply select the Copy Amended Icon that is relevant to the Campaign, Ad or Adset you want to track. Note if you already have a tracking URL in the Ad in Facebook, we will show this and append the copy with the MH parameters required. 

Login to your Facebook Ads account, Select the Ad you want to track and select Edit on the Ad

In the Tracking section, paste the Parameters copied from MH platform in to the URL parameters section. 

Return to Mediahawk and refresh the Check Tracking URL's section. you will then see the appended information in URL Tags.

Note: you must perform this action for every ad you are running or add to Meta. If you do not ever use the tracking URL section. you can simply input these parameters for all Ads and future Ads.



Sending Conversions directly to Ads

Within the Mediahawk platform you are able to send Conversions directly to your Meta Ads account 

To create a new Conversion select Create Conversion Type on the top right.

You will be presented with this screen

  • Ads Account - defaults to the Account selected on the Managed Account section.
  • Conversion Name – This can be anything, in the example we have used Mediahawk Calls. 
  • Dynamic Campaign – Select the Dynamic campaign you wish to send conversion from. If you have more than 1 Dynamic campaign you will need to setup separate Conversion types (you can however send the Conversion data from multiple Dynamic Campaigns to the same Conversion Name)
  • All CTA - If you would like to send a conversion based on a CTA being triggered rather than a Call.
  • Call Categories to trigger conversion - If you use call categories, you can send conversions based only on selected Categories, EG, only send calls to Ads based on the category of "Sales"

Click Save

You will see these Call or CTA conversions as events in Facebook. Once triggered you can add these to your reporting as Custom Conversions