You can create/edit a FTP export as long you have Administrator privileges set to your username.


Log in to the Mediahawk system

If you can view the Admin menu, you are an Administrator.


To set up a new FTP export


Select Connect on the FTP export widget

Background pattern

Description automatically generated with low confidence


On the right-hand side, click the Plus sign


There are two ways to receive a FTP export 

via FTP / SFTP directly uploaded to your folders


via Email where the export will be sent to your chosen email address

 Please note that the FTP with type SFTP on an hourly frequency is enabled by default



Description: you may choose anything you wish here.

Frequency: from the drop-down list, you can select Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Custom filenameslide the radio button to enable/disable and specify the custom file name

You can use the {timestamp} placeholder in the filename to add the timestamp of when the file is generated and sent. Valid filename examples: finename, filename_1, filename_1_{timestamp}

If you are using a FTP application instead of email then the fields below will be required

FTP: slide the radio button to disable/enable

Type: You can choose FTP or SFTP

Host/Username & password: your FTP details where to upload the data

You may click on Test connection to ensure specified FTP credentials are correct


Email: Mediahawk can send the CSV file to any email. This is required if no FTP folder is currently set up. You can have both a FTP export via FTP/SFTP and email at the same time

Slide the radio button to enable/disable
Specify the email recipient. You can only send the export to one single email per FTP export


Number Selection: 

Include header row in export: We recommend that this is ticked so that you have a row detailing each selected fields. 

Number Selection: this is where you choose which Mediahawk products, service numbers you wish the FTP Export to be created for. 

You can create one FTP export for all of your numbers or multiple exports only selecting some of your numbers per export.



To select specific numbers, choose Custom Selection to open the Numbers Selection page

Use the top headers to toggle between your products & services

Tick the number(s) , URL, pool you wish the data for and click Save to add them to the FTP export


Fields: these will determine the set of data included in your export. These are sorted by data categories

Call: data about the call itself such as ring or call length, the number/pool called, whether the call recording was paused etc

Visit: (dynamic only) data about the visit which generated the call such Google Click ID, Landing page title or URL etc

Behaviour: data for browser and device used, CTA name or value, Voice tags etc

Static: data linked to your inbound static numbers such as channel, owner etc

Geographic: data based on the CLI when a UK landline was used to make the call such as Town or postcode

Acquisition: (dynamic only) such as data about your paid search campaigns, first and last click source/medium etc

Operations: data on call category, scores etc


Once you are happy with your settings, click Save



To edit an existing FTP export

Click Admin 

Or if already in Admin section, click Overview

Select Configure on the FTP export widget

Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated


The table with all FTP export settings will be displayed with a summary 


You may disable existing report by sliding the radio button under the Active column


Click on the blue highlighted name to access current settings
Change any settings as required and once done, click Save



You can create as many exports as you wish.

Email address where the FTP export is emailed to, do not require access to the Mediahawk platform to receive the CSV files.

The CSV files are not saved within the platform.

Monthly exports are sent on the 4th of the month.