Q1. Does Search Ads 360 work with both Static and Dynamic)call tracking?

A1. Search Ads 360 only works with Dynamic due to the parameters we require to identify it being a Search Ads 360 visit.

Q2. What is defined as an Offline Conversion?

A2. An offline conversion is defined as a visit generated by a Search Ads 360 ad that has had at least one In Visit call on it.  The Visit Journey is simply. A user clicks on an AD, they are redirected to the landing page, and then make a call to the Mediahawk telephone number. Mediahawk then collates all this information and send it to Search Ads 360  as an Offline Conversion.

Q3. How often does Mediahawk send Offline Conversions to Search Ads 360?

A3. Mediahawk sends conversions every 30 minutes. We will only send conversions that happened at least 30 minutes prior to when we try to send them.

For example, Mediahawk sends a conversion run at 10:00am, the conversions sent will only include activity up to 09:30. This is to avoid sending gclids that are too fresh as there is a chance that Search Ads 360 may not recognise gclids that are uploaded too soon after the activity happens.

Q4. Can I revoke the access to my Search Ads 360 account?

A4. You can do this thorough MyAccount within Google. Simply choose Mediahawk from a list of applications connected to your account. Once selected, click remove. This will unlink your Google account from Mediahawk, and the integration will stop. https://myaccount.google.com/permissions

Q5. How do I setup a Floodlight Activity within Search Ads 360 

A5. Please find the Google Support pages to assist. https://support.google.com/ds/answer/2478277?hl=en