How it works

Looker Studio (formally Google Data studio) is a platform that allows you to import data from various data sources and turns this data into a custom dashboard and reports. You can now combine all the valuable Mediahawk data with any other data source straight into your own Looker Studio application. 

You must have a Google account to use the Looker Studio.

What are the benefits of integrating Looker and Mediahawk?

There are many benefits to linking Mediahawk to your Looker Studio account, some are listed below:

  • Allows you to view reports using Mediahawk and other platform data in one
  • Is updated every 12 hours with the latest data or upon date period
  • Easily match and export data
  • Share the data with anyone else


Link your Looker Studio to your Mediahawk Account.

First Log into Looker Studio (

You will be greeted by the landing page below.

In order to pull through any data you will need to connect Mediahawk as a data source.


Click cid:image001.png@01D5882F.30CC8D50in the top left and then selectcid:image002.png@01D5882F.30CC8D50


Accept the Terms & Conditions.

You will then be prompted to search for your desired Google Connector – Simply type Mediahawk in the Search bar.

Select the Mediahawk Call Tracking icon.

and the press ‘SELECT’.


Click cid:image007.png@01D5882F.30CC8D50

You will be prompted to allow Mediahawk access to your Google account by signing in to your Google Account or confirming your identity(dependent on your Google account settings).


Then select the 'authorization to connect to data' button

Click Allow Looker Studio access to the Mediahawk data.

You will then be shown a message letting you know that the connection was successful.

Once connected you will be prompted to choose the date range of the data you would like to display in your reports. 

If you are using or planning on using a date range picker in your reports simply select Use report date range. If not select the default period you would like to import data.

Please note: If you are connecting a large amount of data please be aware that Looker Studio may time out the request to the Mediahawk system. In this case you may need to select a smaller date range, for example 14 days.


And then click

The data fields being connected will then be displayed as below:

If you are ready to create a new report then click select ‘create report’ in the top right hand corner


It will then display the below message prompting you to ‘Add to Report

Confirm your choice and select ‘allow’ one final time.

How do I add Mediahawk data to a new or existing report.

To create a report, select ‘Blank Report’.


Go to the Search bar on the right for a data source and type in ‘MediaHawk ‘.

The report page will then automatically generate ready for you to create graphs of your choosing and will show the data points that can be used.

To Revoke Access


Login to your Looker Studio account.



Select the Data Source you would like to remove.                                                                                                            

Hover over the three dots in a horizontal line.

And select Revoke Credentials

You will then be asked to confirm this action by selecting 

You can also revoke the access by logging into your Mediahawk account.

Go to Admin and selecting Integrate

Then select 

Find the application you would like to disconnect (Looker Studio)

And select the  on the right hand-side to delete the access.