Q1. Do you remove any of my current parameters in our Tracking Templates?

We will not change existing parameters on a tracking template. We check if a template has all our required parameters on it and add on any missing ones.

Q2. What Parameters do you add?

We append the parameters with mh_matchtype, mh_keyword and mh_adgroupid

Q3. Why does Auto-tagging need to be switched on?

For us to pickup that a visitor came via a Google PPC AD we need to collect the GCLID and auto-tagging switches this on with Google.

Q4. How often do we synchronise the data between Mediahawk and Ads?

We check for conversions to send every hour. Because of the way AdWords accepts conversions we will look 24 hours back for conversions to send. For example, if we start a check at 9:00 on 7th July we’ll be looking for conversions that occurred between 08:00 and 09:00 on 6th July.

Q5. I have linked my Ads account but do not see any data within Mediahawk or AdWords?

Check that there are no tracking templates on the AdGroup or Ad level within the campaigns. If they are, these will need to be amended or deleted. Ensure your campaigns are enabled and not paused or removed. Mediahawk is only able to report on Enabled accounts.

Q6. I cannot see some of Ads campaigns in Paid Search Campaigns but can see calls relating to those campaigns in Paid Search Calls.

If a campaign is not enabled Mediahawk cannot import the Campaign details anymore and removes historic data.

Q7. Can I send a Value into Google Ads?

You can apply a value to a call in Mediahawk either by clicking into the call from the Calls report to add the value manually or it can be uploaded to the call by using either our Sales Import feature or an API.  If not already done so this value will be sent to Google Ads along with the initial conversion. 

Q8. Can I adjust the Value sent to Google Ads?

You can adjust the value using the same method however once we have sent the initial value across any new values will be sent as an Adjustment, this can be done up to 55 days from when the conversion was first recorded.