What is Search Ads 360?

Search Ads 360 is a search management platform that allows you to manage ads across multiple search engines.

How does Mediahawk integrate with Search Ads 360?

Mediahawk identifies visits coming from Search Ads 360 using 2 specific parameters that are within the landing page URLs generated by Search Ads 360 ads. These parameters are GCLID and GCLSRC. 

The gclsrc parameter is what tells us that the gclid on the landing page URL is coming from a Search Ads 360 AD. Once we know this, we can then send the gclid if/when the visit converts to a call (In Visit calls only).

Mediahawk sends conversions from our Dynamic product direct to your Search Ads 360 account.

This is recorded as an “offline conversion” within Search Ads 360 when a visit has had at least one In Visit call on it.

Conversions sent include a conversion time which is the date and time of the first call that was made on a Search Ads 360 visit.

Linking your Search Ads 360 account to Mediahawk

In order to manage your Search Ads 360 account, you need to link this to your Mediahawk account.

Within the Mediahawk Platform click on the Search Ads 360 Search Connect.

You will then be presented with the following screen:

You will be transferred to Google where you will be asked to sign in and approve the Mediahawk access of your Search Ads 360 account.  Please click Allow.

Please Note: It important to check that the Google account you are linking to has the right Search Ads 360 account. When the accounts are linked Google generates an access token that we store against the account.

Once this is complete, you will be returned to the following screen:


You then are required to setup a Floodlight.

Creating a Floodlight within Mediahawk

To create Floodlight, click the + "Add New Settings" on the right

You will be presented with this screen:

Enter the Floodlight Activity Name as set up within your Search Ads 360 account.

Please note: This must be exactly how it is setup within your Search Ads 360 Search.

Select the Dynamic Campaign URL that you wish to send data from to this Floodlight Activity.

(If you have multiple Dynamic Number Sets you need to setup a Floodlight for each Dynamic Number Set)

Click Save

You have now linked your Mediahawk and Search Ads 360 Search and Mediahawk will begin sending call conversions to your Search Ads 360 account.