What is Optimizely X?

Optimizely X is a customer-experience optimization software for companies. The Optimizely platform technology provides businesses with the ability to conduct A/B testing, in which two versions of a page can be compared for performance.

Similarly, multivariate testing can also be done. 

Optimizely also enables personalization, which may be used for making data-driven decisions. The personalisation capability can be used for serving advertisements on webpages.

How does the Mediahawk Integration work?

Mediahawk will send each in visit call as an Event to your experiment so you can see which generates more phone calls.

What data does Mediahawk send to Optimizely X?

We simply send the call conversion as an Event for each in visit call as it happens.

If you have a Value set within the Mediahawk platform against the call this will be sent to Optimizely X

How to Setup the integration in Mediahawk

Log in to the Mediahawk platform -  https://www.reports.mediahawk.co.uk

Select Admin on the left hand side

Then select connect next to the Optimizle X Integration

You will be connected to your Optimizely X account, Sign in to the Optimizely X account you would like us to connect with.

You will be presented with this screen to authorise Mediahawk to connect to Optimizely.

Click Accept to connect the accounts

You will be redirected back to the Mediahawk platform to complete the Setup.

You will now need to login to your Optimizely X account to copy the Experiment Event ID to your mediahawk account.

Event ID from Optimizely X

Login to your Optimizely X account that you have just linked to Mediahawk.

Select the Experiment Icon on the left and then Select the experiment name you want Mediahawk to send data to.

Now Select API Names from the Manage Experiment section.

This will now show you the Event ID as shown in the screen shot below. Copy this ID to the Mediahawk Setup screen

You now need to input the Event ID into the Mediahawk Setup screen below

Click the Radio button to active

Input the Event ID copied from your Optimizely X Experiment

Select the Vision Number set(s) you would like to send your experiment.

How to view data in Optimizely

When you view your data in Optimizely, each Event on your experiment is a phone call.

If you have a Value against the call (via DTMF) tones this will be sent as a Value.

How to revoke the Integration

If you want to stop Mediahawk sending Events to your experiment Login to your Optimizely X account and select Account Settings.

Then Select Apps then API Access

You will see the Revoke Access under the Authorized Applications Section, This will revoke access.


  • The script will run once an hour to send call data to Optimizely X
  • The Optimizely X Integration will only work with in-visit calls with vision only
  • The number of phone calls will show on Optimizely X reporting website as “UNIQUE CONVERSIONS” in the Event section
  • Duplicate phone calls will only show once on Optimizely X, duplicate calls are phone calls made by the same visitor