System Prerequisites

 The Mediahawk Hubspot integration works with both Enterprise and Professional versions.

With the Professional version we can:

  • Send over 80 data points to your Hubspot fields
  • Create contacts
  • Send calls as engagements to HubSpot

In the Enterprise version you can send the same information as the Professional version but also:

  • Send calls as events

How does the Mediahawk Integration work?

We match a contact by the Hubspot cookie user ID and then by telephone number (CLI). If there is no match then you have the option to create a new contact with a generic email address.  The new email address will be in the format of:

With every phone call that is made using a Mediahawk telephone number, we will send any fields that have been mapped and a Note including the details below to either an existing contact (if matched) or to the new contract we create.

For all calls we send:

  • Call ID
  • Call Date / Time
  • Call Length
  • Callers Number (CLI)
  • Service Number
  • Destination Number
  • Call Outcome
  • Call Recording Link

For Dynamic calls only we send the additional data

  • Source / Medium
  • Keyword
  • Visit and Visitor ID
  • Landing Page Title
  • Landing Page Path
  • Last Page Title
  • Last Page Path


  • The script will run once an hour to send call data to HubSpot
  • Call Recordings will only work for 30 days.
  • If someone calls from a number that is different to the one that they use to register as a customer with you or from an unknown number a lead is linked to a customer via a unique HubSpot ID. When a user visits a HubSpot enabled webpage, it is assigned with this ID to create the association. This is used together with the number association to link a lead with the customer. For the cases where neither of the IDs are available, a new HubSpot record would be created. This record can manually be edited to fill in missing information at a later time.
  • The contact record must contain an email address for Mediahawk to be able to populate the notes


Q1. How do I find my Portal ID in Hubspot

A2. The Hubspot ID is in the upper right corner of the screen while logged in

Q2. How do I find my Access Token

A2. Navigate to your Account Setup and select integrations and then select Private Apps.