Are there any System Prerequisites?

Our HubSpot integration has been created to work with both Enterprise and Professional.

In Professional version Mediahawk can send the following:

  • Creating contacts
  • Sending calls as engagements to HubSpot

In the Enterprise version you can send the same information as the Professional version but also:

  • Send calls as events

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Create content, optimize it for search engines and share it on social media. Then engage your prospects with landing pages, calls to action, personalized email and a personalized website.

How does the Mediahawk Integration work?

If you have the enterprise edition of HubSpot, Mediahawk will send an event for every phone call that has been received, otherwise this feature will not be available. The event will be linked with a HubSpot contact. We then will match this contact by the cookie user ID and then by telephone number. If there is no match then we will create a new contact with a generic email address.  The new email address will be in the format of:


With every phone call that is made using a Mediahawk number, a contact note including the call details will be created and linked with the contact.

What data does Mediahawk send to HubSpot?

  • With every phone call a note will be sent.  The note will contain the following data:
  • Call ID
  • Call Date / Time
  • Call Length
  • Callers Number
  • Service Number
  • Destination Number
  • Call Outcome
  • Call Recording Link
  • Source / Medium
  • Keyword
  • Visit and Visitor ID
  • Landing Page Title
  • Landing Page Path
  • Last Page Title
  • Last Page Path

How to Setup the integration in Mediahawk

  • Log in to Mediahawk reporting website
  • Select Connect next to the Hubspot integration
  • Set ‘Active’ flag to ‘Yes’
  • Input the following:
  • HubSpot Portal ID
  • HubSpot Event ID (only needed if you have HubSpot enterprise edition)
  • HubSpot API Key
  • Choose if you want to match contacts by CLI and if customer branding should be used
  • In ‘Reference Selection’ tick the checkbox for the Mediahawk campaign you want to track with HubSpot
  • Click ‘Save’

How to setup the integration in HubSpot

Portal ID - All users of the HubSpot software can find their HubSpot ID (HUB ID) in the upper-right corner of the screen while logged in.

All versions: Create a custom property to the contacts list

  • Navigate to Contacts > Contact Settings.
  • Click Actions and select Edit properties
  • Click Create new property and input “Mediahawk Caller” as a ‘Label’ and “mediahawk_caller” as ‘Internal name’.
  • In field type, select ‘Single-line text’ and click ‘Save Property’.

If you have the enterprise version of HubSpot, follow these steps to create your Event ID:

  • Navigate to HubSpot > Reports > Events.
  • Click on ‘Create new event’, then input the event name, now select ‘Custom Event’ in ‘Track type of event’ and click ‘Create Event’.
  • Go back to the list of events and click on your event. The Event ID can be found in the URL. For example in this URL 
  • The highlighted part is the Event ID.

Finding your API Key:

  • Navigate to your Account Menu and select Integrations,
  • Once on the Integrations Page, select ‘Get your HubSpot API Key’, from under the    Resources Side Menu.
  • Once on the API Request Screen, Account Administrators will be able to click the blue ‘View Key’ button.

 The API key for this portal will now be displayed.

How to view data in HubSpot

Your data can be viewed in two places on HubSpot:

Events report:

If you have the enterprise edition of HubSpot, you can navigate to Reports > Events to view the events report. Pick the event from the list to see the report.

Contact record:

You will be able to see Mediahawk data on Contacts timeline. Click on Contacts > All Contacts and select the record you want to view. There will be a timeline note for each phone call made by this contact.

Group Contacts

To group contacts linked with Mediahawk events, you will need to create a new contact property.

To do this within HubSpot:

  • Navigate to Contacts > Options > Clone the view.
  • In View name, type ‘Mediahawk Caller’, select Shared for View Visibility and click Save.
  • In the Contacts page, click Actions -> Edit columns and search for Mediahawk Caller
  • It will appear under Contact Information, tick to select, it should then appear under the Selected Columns.
  • Click Save.
  • Back in the Contacts page, click ‘Add filter’
  • Search for “Mediahawk Caller” and tick to select
  • In the field labelled ‘contains’, type ‘yes’
  • Click ‘Apply filter’.
  • Click ‘Update’


  • The script will run once an hour to send call data to HubSpot
  • The HubSpot Integration will only work with in-visit calls.
  • Call Recordings will only work for 30 days.
  • HubSpot only integrates with the Mediahawk Dynamic product.
  • If someone calls from a number that is different to the one that they use to register as a customer with you or from an unknown number a lead is linked to a customer via a unique HubSpot ID. When a user visits a HubSpot enabled webpage, it is assigned with this ID to create the association. This is used together with the number association to link a lead with the customer. For the cases where neither of the IDs are available, a new HubSpot record would be created. This record can manually be edited to fill in missing information at a later time.