Within the Mediahawk platform you can Import your Sales Data, including phone number or MHID, using a CSV or Excel export from your own systems and we will match the sales data with call data (phone numbers) in our platform. Showing exactly what marketing activity has generate revenue.

In addition to a value, using Custom Dimension, you can add up to 10 custom data points, this could be the product, the product ID, sales agent or anything you would like to be able to import into the Platform.

Creating Custom Dimensions 

To setup custom Dimensions for your imported data, Navigate to Admin > Sales > Custom Dimensions.

We have already setup four more commonly used as default : Date of Sale, Description, Value and Sale ID.

To add new Custom Dimensions, Select the + Icon (next to Dimensions Used X/10) 

Then simply enter the name of the dimension, select if it is Text, Number or Date and either click Save.

Importing your Sales Data 

To import your sales data (CSV or Excel), Navigate to Admin > Sales > Import Sales.

Select the Upload Icon (top right)

Upload or Drag the file you want to upload here:

We then analyse the Headers of your imported data and input this into the table below: 

Filename - the filename you have uploaded

Rows Found - this confirm the row number in the csv / excel file

Lookback in Months - How far do you want the system to look back for the call data, up to 5 years

Copy field mapping - if you have imported data previously and the data field are all the same, you can simply select a previous mapping to save time

Field Mapping

In order for Mediahawk to match the data in the imported file and the custom dimension setup. You need to select the right fields to match against.

The column on the left shows the fields that were imported from your CSV file.

The Rows on the right are the default and Custom Dimension you have setup, please note there are two new fields, MHID and Phone Number

Simply tick the Row fields that match to the data fields in your CSV import.

When ready. select Process 

If you require any assistance, please contact our Client Services team on 0333 222 8333, or clientservices@medihawk.co.uk, or via live chat.