What is number porting?

Number porting is the process of transferring a telephone number from one Telecoms Provider to another. This document explains how you can port your numbers in and out of Mediahawk and important information you will need to be aware of.

All numbers that Mediahawk manage are hosted by a single Tier 1 Telecommunications Provider who handle the routing of calls.

The timeframe for a port request can vary significantly. Ports can take up to 6 weeks, in some cases this time can be significantly more or less. The time taken is dependent on the losing provider, the number of telephone numbers included in the request and any other providers within the chain.

Although the vast majority of numbers can be ported, it may not be possible to port some numbers due to no agreement in place between Telecoms Providers or the type of number prefix the number has. It is always best to check with the Client Services Team to see if the numbers can be ported across to Mediahawk.

A number must still be connected and active with your current provider in order for Mediahawk to port it. Please ensure you arrange with your current provider to keep the number live until it moves across to Mediahawk. Please also be aware that the losing provider may reserve the right to charge you for porting away and for the amount of time they keep the number live for you if this is outside of their notice period.

While it is rare, when numbers port their can be up to a 2 hour window where the line is temporarily unavailable. Mediahawk can not take any responsibility for the numbers until they are ported on to our network.

How much does it cost to port numbers into Mediahawk?

Porting numbers into Mediahawk is free of charge for Mediahawk clients.  Once the number is live on our system you will be charged at your agreed rate, however there may be fees from the carrier for the porting process depending on number type. If this is the case Mediahawk reserves the right to pass this on to you at cost. Porting in large volumes of numbers or across different carriers may result in an admin charge. Please contact our Client Services team to discuss your requirments.

Porting in to Mediahawk

There are a few steps you will need to take to get the Porting process started.

Step 1

Complete the Porting authorisation form which Client Services will send to you.

There are two types of porting documents, there is one for geographic numbers and one for non-geographic numbers.

Please request the document you require via our Client Services Team.

Step 2

Ensure the form is completed in full and accurately.

Once you have received the form from Client Services, you will need to check you have added the following:

• Current Telecoms Operator Name e.g BT

• Current Telecoms Operator Address

• Customer Name

• Customer Address

• Customer Account Number

• Numbers to be ported

It can be useful to obtain a recent bill and copy the details from that bill into this document and to provide a copy to the Client Services team, submitting a copy of the bill alongside the form can sometimes speed up the process.

All sections of the form must be filled out with the correct information in full or the port will be rejected by the losing provider.

Step 3

Print your completed form on your company's letter headed paper, your account holder will need to sign and date the printed form. You can then scan and return to Mediahawk so the form can be submitted to our provider.

Please contact clientservices@mediahawk.co.uk or 0333 222 8333  if you have any questions.

Number Porting Agreements

Mediahawk are only able to port from providers who have a Porting Agreement with our provider.

Non-geographic numbers (03, 0800, 0808, 0843, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871)

The following providers can port in to Mediahawk: 

Affiniti Integrated Solutions Ltd
Barritel Limited
British Telecom (BT)
Colt Technology Services
Gamma Telecom Holdings Limited
Invoco Ltd
Magrathea Telecommunications Ltd
Mintaka Ltd (T/A Dialogagroup)
Redstone (now Daisy Communications)
TalkTalk Communications UK Ltd (former Opal)
Telephony Services Limited (Telserv)
Virgin Media Limited (NTL)
Virgin Media Wholesale Limited (Telewest)
Vodafone (C&W) ###METASWITCH ONLY###
Vodafone (Energis)
Vodafone (Thus)

Geographic numbers (01, 02)
The following providers can port in to Mediahawk:
Barritel previously Skycom
Invoco Export Only
Level 3 previously Global Crossing
Mintaka t/a Dialogagroup
Resilient Networks
Spitfire Subsequent Portability ONLY
Telephony Services T/A aql Wholesale or Telserv
Virgin Media previously NTL / Telewest / Eurobell
Vodafone previously C&W, Energis, Thus, Your Communications

If you Provider is not listed above please contact Client Services as some providers are hosted on another Provider’s network and are at times still portable.

Porting out of Mediahawk

You are also able to port numbers away from Mediahawk if you decide to discontinue our services. Mediahawk do ask that you inform Client Services of your intentions before requesting the port with your new provider to ensure a smooth transition.

There is an administaion charge of £15 per number that you wish to port away. 

Further information

If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact Client Services at Mediahawk on 0333 222 8333 or clientservices@mediahawk.co.uk.

You can also find more info about Number Portability at OFCOM.org via the link below.