What is Direct Debit? 

Direct Debit is a simple, safe and effective way to pay your regular telecoms and services bills automatically from your bank account. Mediahawk will provide an advance notice invoice at least 10 days before the payment date detailing the amount to be paid and  the date it will be collected from your bank account. From then on the amount will be deducted from your account at the agreed frequency. Mediahawk will only take the amount specified on the invoices(s). If they need to change the amount or collection date, you will be notified on your monthly invoice.

What are the benefits of using Direct Debit?

Improved Financial Management – a regular payment method which enables you to plan your cash flow accurately: you know when the funds will leave your account.

Reduced Workload – with Direct Debit, There is only an online form to complete. No more cheques to handle or standing orders to organise saving you a considerable amount of valuable time.

You Remain in Control – you will always be given at least 10 working days advance notice of the amount to be debited through your Invoice, giving you plenty of time to query any payment.

Peace of Mind – Direct Debit is an efficient and above all secure method of payment.                                              

The Direct Debit Guarantee – The Direct Debit Guarantee applies to all Direct Debits. It protects you in the rare event that there is an error in the payment of your Direct Debit.

How do I set up a Direct Debit?

Mediahawk have partnered with an industry expert that is registered with BACS to manage the Direct Debit agreement online. You simply complete an online Direct Debit Instruction.

The partner will then forward your instructions to your bank authorising them to make payments from your account to Mediahawk.

What information do I need to set up a Direct Debit?

Name and address of your bank or building society.

The name(s) of the account holder(s).

Your bank or building society account number.

The branch sort code.

Can Direct Debits be paid from any account?

Most current accounts at banks and building societies can be used to make Direct Debit payments. Some special deposit accounts also allow them – just ask at your branch.

If I set up a Direct Debit via the Internet what record will I have of the agreement?

You will be sent written confirmation of your Direct Debit Instruction within 3 working days of the on-line sign-up, via email or alternatively no fewer than 10 working days before the first collection. Simply check the details and contact Mediahawk if you have any queries.

Will Mediahawk take Direct Debit instructions over the phone?

In order to ensure client data protection Mediahawk are unable to take Direct Debit instruction over the phone. The online process includes a number of verification methods of the account that are required as part of the BACS approved scheme.

Once it is set up, do I have to do anything?

No, other than making sure you have sufficient funds in your account when the payment is due. To assist with this Mediahawk will give you advance notice of the collection dates and amounts via an invoice a minimum of 10 days prior to the collection. Amounts will normally be collected on or around the 17th of the month, occasionally, collections may be made over the next three working days. It is sensible to check your bank statement regularly to ensure that your Direct Debits are going out as shown on your advance notice.

Will the payment always be on the same day every month? 

Normally payments will be made on or around the 17th of the month, monthly, quarterly or annually according to the payment frequency. If any payment due date falls at a weekend or on a bank holiday, Mediahawk is obliged to debit your account just after the due date unless we notify you in advance of a change of date.

What if changes are needed? 

If either the amount you owe or the payment date changes Mediahawk will notify you in advance (normally 10 working days) of your account being debited. This gives you plenty of time to get in touch with them if necessary.

Can I cancel a Direct Debit? 

If you need to cancel a Direct Debit simply write to your bank or building society. It is a good idea to also send a copy to Mediahawk. Your bank or building society can make the cancellation up to and including the due date, but try not to leave it until the last minute or you run the risk of a payment being made. Remember that cancelling the Direct Debit simply stops paying the company. If you carry on receiving the goods or service then you will have to organise an alternative payment method.

What information should I provide in order to cancel? 

1. The name of the company being paid

2. The branch sort code

3. The name(s) of the account holder(s)

4. Your bank or building society account number

5. Your customer reference number with Mediahawk

The more information you can give, the easier it will be for the bank or building society to action.

Can money be collected from my account after I have cancelled a Direct Debit Instruction? 

No. Mediahawk would have to obtain your authority to reinstate a cancelled Direct Debit Instruction.

What is a dormancy period and what happens to a Direct Debit Instruction at the end of a dormancy period? 

All banks hold details of DDIs on file for a minimum period of 13 months from lodgement of the Direct Debit Instruction in the event of no collections, or from the date of the last payment. After the dormancy period has passed, your bank will remove details of the Direct Debit Instruction from their system. Before claiming further Direct Debit payments Mediahawk must obtain a new Direct Debit Instruction or your authority to continue collecting. If this is not done your Direct Debit payment may be returned by your bank.

Who actually controls Direct Debit payments? 

The bank or building society who holds your account is responsible for all aspects of the running of that account. They are therefore answerable for all payments including those made by Direct Debit.

Who makes sure that the companies collecting money are reputable? 

All companies using the Direct Debit system are sponsored into the Scheme by their bank or building society. They are checked for integrity, sound financial standing and administrative capability before being permitted to offer Direct Debit to their customers.

So how do I get back any money paid in error? 

If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit by Media Hawk Ltd or your bank or building society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society – if you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when Media Hawk Ltd asks you to.

How secure are my bank details?

Mediahawk partner’s a BACS registered bureau to manage the Direct Debits, the website and data is encrypted. All data stored is encrypted at source and Mediahawk do not store any of the secure bank details locally.

What is The Direct Debit Guarantee?

Who do I contact if I require further information or want to setup payment by Direct Debit?

Our friendly Client Services staff will be happy to assist with any questions you may have and can also provide the necessary information to sign up to Direct Debits. Please contact us on 0333 222 8333 or clientservices@mediahawk.co.uk