What is Dynamic tagging? 

Dynamic tagging is the ability to track any URL tag parameters and their values set by you on your destination URL's. This allows us to easily track custom sources, such as someone coming from an email, or from a specific campaign. The possibilities are endless, if you can tag it, we can track it. 

Custom source / mediums 

Add, edit and delete custom source / mediums straight within the Mediahawk platform. 

When you create a tag, it is good practice to think about naming conventions for your tag values so that you can easily identify clicks and calls in Mediahawk. Please see below for some examples you may like to use for tagging as well as an example URL to work from.

Tag examples:

Destination URL Tag
Example content (Tag value)
Used to identify a promotional campaign
Used to identify that the visitor is arriving from an email link
Usually used to identify a referring website or search engine. For email marketing, you can use it to identify an email list (such as auto signup)
Identifies the content of the email. This could be a newsletter or it could be used to differentiate between A/B test emails

An example of how a URL would look with the above tags is: https://www.yourownurl.co.uk/?utm_campaign=Q1&utm_medium=email&utm_source=autosignup&utm_content=newsletter