Send detailed event attributes from calls and more to Google Analytics

You can now choose from over 60 data points in Mediahawk to send to Google Analytics with every event.

Send any dimension with every call from Mediahawk into Google Analytics as a Category, Action, Label or Value. Choose the dimensions you want to see, and Mediahawk will push these into your Google Analytics reports so you can easily compare online and offline conversions.

How do I amend the event in Mediahawk

 1) Login in to the Mediahawk Platform

 2) Select Admin from the left panel.


3) Google Analytics select Configure

4) Select the Google integration you would like to amend 

5) Ensure Event tracking is selected and then select the data you would like to send to GA for Value, Action, Category and Label. 


What's more, you can also now easily group events under a goal for even more detailed campaign analysis. If, for example, you have Google Business Profiles (GBP) for each of your business locations, you can capture calls to your GBP static numbers as separate events. Grouping all these events as a goal means you can then see the effectiveness of your Google Business Profiles as a whole, as well as by location.