We've answered some of your common queries below:

Q. I can track my website using GA so what’s the difference?

A. In simple terms – Attribution. As much as you can see on Google Analytics a user’s journey around the site, you can’t link historic visits together and you can’t link together offline conversions like a phone call.

Q. I use Google Call forwarding so I can see my phone calls in GA so why would I need Mediahawk?

A. Google tracks conversions to calls from Google Ads campaigns only. In real terms, Google provides you with: call start and end times, duration, caller area code, if the call was answered or not. The numbers provided must be linked to the campaign and are tracked as conversions regardless of the caller’s intent.

Q. But Mediahawk is more money, I already get some knowledge from Google (call forwarding) and isn’t it cheaper?


A. Actually it isn’t. You pay the cost of the click if someone calls from the ad. With Mediahawk you would get charged from 2 pence per minute. Google numbers only work for up to 90 days after the click from the AdWords campaign. The numbers will simply be gone.  The Mediahawk Dynamic code uses cookies that last 12 months and with Mediahawk you are safe in the knowledge that once a customer has seen a number it is assigned to your account until you ask us to remove it. Google links to an AdWords campaign where you have bid on keywords. The cost of that campaign and keyword performance will be affected.


Q. Is there anything else I need to know?


A. Google cannot provide local numbers; it is 03 or 08 only. 


The Google tracking is only focused on Ads. With Mediahawk you can see all Sources such as Organic, Social Media and Direct. Mediahawk also shows you a clearer picture of the user’s journey. If a customer clicked through a Google Ad and then came back Direct you will still have the means to track that customer.


Q. What call information can Mediahawk provide that Google cannot?

Listed below are the features that Mediahawk can produce to provide you with more insight to your calls:

- Caller Ids 

- Caller line identity

- IP addresses

- Call recordings

- The page they were looking at when they called

- Linking a website visit to a call 

- Historical interactions (previous calls, website visits and any scoring notes) 

- Advanced call handling and call management features such as IVRs, call queues, missed/ received/key call alerts, mailbox to name a few.