Amend media description

You can manage your campaigns and numbers as long you have Administrator privileges set to your username.

Log in to the Mediahawk system

If you can view the Admin menu, you are an Administrator.

Please contact if you need your access upgraded. Please note that Mediahawk might have to seek approval from the account owner prior to granting this access.

To amend the service number’s media description, follow the instructions below:

Click Admin, then Call Routing

The table will display all your service numbers and your dynamic campaigns

Access the Menu (three blue lines op right) and select Search 

You can search by service number or description

Tick all the numbers you wish to edit 

Click the telephone icon on the top



In the Call Routing Advanced window, overwrite the description for your selection

Click Connect once done.

Please note that selecting multiple rows will edit them at the same time.


If you need to add/edit Campaign, Media Channel, Media Owner or Department , you will need to do these from another section

Click Static on the left pane

Click Campaigns



To add a campaign, click the Plus sign a the top

Enter the new campaign details

The Start date will automatically be set to creation’s date

If no end date is required, you may click the X to delete the start date and slide the radio button to make it Run continuously

Please note start and end dates for campaigns and numbers will have an impact on the data you see within the reports section based on date ranges.



To add numbers to a campaign, edit description, channel, owner and department

Click the relevant campaign

The Static Campaign page displays all numbers within the selected campaign with their channel, owner & department settings



From that page you can:

- update the campaign name

- set a start and end date or slide the radio button to set it to Run continuously

- click the Plus sign to add a number to this campaign


To update numbers settings, click on the highlighted number

Update the description

Add or Edit Media Channel, Media Owner and department

Once finished click Save

When back to the static campaign window, click Save again


Repeat the process for all numbers requiring updates