What does the Ads Integration do?

Please be aware that the Ads Integration only works if you have the Mediahawk Dynamic product

With the Ads integration, you can:

  • Attribute calls made on Ads visits to the Ad Groups and Campaigns they were made on.
  • Extract Ad Group and Campaign data from Ads to build new reports in Mediahawk
  • Ensure Auto-tagging and Tracking templates are setup for Mediahawk to track correctly
  • Send conversions straight to Ads as well (similarly to how we can in Google Analytics)

How do I connect my Ads account to Mediahawk?

Login in to your Mediahawk account

Select the Admin Tab from the left sidebar (If you do not see the Admin Tab you are not an administrator, please contact client services to change your access. This may be subject to business approval)

Select the connect in the Google Ads section

You will be connected to your Google Account, Sign in to the Google Ads account you would like us to connect with.

Once complete you will be presented with this screen requesting confirmation to allow Mediahawk to manage your Ads campaigns. Select Allow.

Once you click Allow you will be redirected back to your Mediahawk account.

Configuring your Ads through Mediahawk?

Please note: If you are using a Tracking Template on an AD-Group an error will appear within the tracking template on the Campaign level.

Mediahawk cannot check tracking templates at an AD level, please check that no templates are present at an AD level before proceeding.

Once your account(s) are linked with Ads you will be presented with the Ads – Managed Account Screen.  

At this stage, there are no accounts setup to Manage. Select Add Account on the right, you will be presented with the Ads - Add an account to Mediahawk screen.  


If you manage your Ads using an MCC account the top Account will be the MCC account.

Subaccount’s within the MCC account will be preceded by “- -"

Select the name of the Adsaccount you want to link to and Click Save

Mediahawk will now be able to import your Ads data into Mediahawk.

If you have selected to link to your MCC account you will then be presented with the Ads – Campaigns screen and will need to select the account you wish to integrate with (MCC or SUB)

Once you have selected the account you with to link. Press Go

Mediahawk will now import the Ads data from your selected Ads account for enabled campaigns (Note: it will not import data for paused or removed campaigns), you will see the View Ads Account Details screen below.

Mediahawk allows you to append the Account Level Tracking Template or the individual Campaign straight from the Mediahawk platform. If the Tracking template has the correct parameters we highlight this with a tick in the Valid field, if we are not able to track it then it will have a cross.

The Account Level Tracking template (Ads Account Details)

The Account level tracking template is the highest level within Ads (setup in the Admin Section). If you do not apply a tracking template to a Campaign, AD Group or an AD then Ads uses the Account Level Template instead.

If you would like Mediahawk to automatically append the template for all your tracking templates and to switch on Auto tagging (must be on for us to track PPC) then simply tick the Account and the 2 boxes below and click Update Selected we will append the tracking template.

The Campaign Level Tracking template (Ads Campaign Details)

The Campaign level tracking can be used to manage the individual Campaign (if you enter any specific tracking here this will not use the Account Level Tracking template)

If you would like Mediahawk to append the template for some or all individual Campaigns then simply tick the box(s) of the tracking templates you would like Mediahawk to append and Click Update Selected.

This will now link allow Mediahawk to import the correct data from your Ads account and Visitors to the Website.

Sending Conversions directly to Ads

Within the Mediahawk platform you are able to send Conversions directly to your AdsAccount.

NOTE: If you already link Mediahawk to GA and have your GA and Ads accounts link this may show duplicate conversion entries for the calls.

To create a new Conversion Type select the account you wish to setup / manage the Conversion on and click GO.

If the account is not listed in the dropdown you can add it using the Add Account button on the right.

You will then be presented with this screen, select the account and click Save

Now select the account you want to manage the conversion on and click Go.

To create a new Conversion select create Conversion Type on the top right.

You will be presented with this screen

  • Ads Account - defaults to the Account selected on the Managed Account section.
  • Conversion Name – This can be anything, in the example we have used Mediahawk Offline Calls. You could use an existing Conversion Name setup. *
  • Dynamic Campaign – Select the Dynamic campaign you wish to send conversion from. If you have more than 1 Dynamic campaign you will need to setup separate Conversion types (you can however send the Conversion data from multiple Dynamic Campaigns to the same Conversion Name)

Once you click Save we will create the new conversion Name in Ads (if you are not using an existing Conversion Name).

*Please Note: Conversion type source must be “Import from Clicks”, no other sources will allow the import.

You will See the Conversion Name setup in Ads as below if you have setup a new Conversion name

(Current Version)

(Beta Version)

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