How do I set up the integration in Mediahawk

Login in to the Mediahawk Platform

Select Admin

You will then see all the integrations available to you on the landing page.

You now have the choice to automatically (recommended) or manually setup your Google Analytics Integration.

Automatic setup 

Click connect

You will then be prompted to login to your Google Analytics account. Please make sure you are logged out of any other GA account to ensure you are integrating the correct one.

Once you have input your email and password, select Allow

Once signed in you will be presented with the screen below asking you how you would like to send the data to Google Analytics, as an Event or a Virtual Page.

And which Google Account you would like to connect Mediahawk to. 

Once selected, click connect

This will then link Mediahawk with your Google Analytics account automatically for both your static and dynamic numbers.

In this example, we are sending both our Dynamic and Static numbers to GA as and Event. 

How do I set up the integration in Google?

If you have configured a Goal in Mediahawk you need to set up corresponding Goal in Google Analytics.


In this example we have set the Default Virtual Page to be /phonecalls.html. This can be anything you want as long as it starts with / and ends with .html (please ensure this is setup as a goal exactly the same in Google Analytics)


Log into your Google Analytics account.


Select- Admin.


Then select Goals under View 




Select - New Goal



Within Goal Setup select Custom then Continue


Within Goal Description add a name for the Goal, in this example we have called it Mediahawk Phone Calls but you can label it anything you like.


Then select Destination and click Continue



Within Goal Details add the virtual page details you setup in Mediahawk, In our example this was /phonecalls.html. This must be the same as your setup in Mediahawk.


Then  click Save