This article describes how to upload and add an audio file from our Connect section of the Mediahawk platform to use as an Intro or a Whisper.


Your login needs to be set up as Administrator with Read & Write permission to allow you to connect your numbers. 


Log into Mediahawk and select the account in question

Access the Connect Menu

Click Admin 

Select Connect > Manage Numbers

To select all numbers within the table, click the box against the Service numbers column

Click Bulk Connect

To access the audio section, you may need to click Switch to Advanced at the top of the table



Once in Advanced, you will see the audio options: Intro (audio played to the caller) or Whisper (audio played to the call handler)


Under Intro or Whisper, click the Plus sign to upload your audio file (The following formats are accepted: .mp3, .wav, .wma, .aac, .m4a)

Click Browse to select the file from your local drive

Add a description

Click Create


To select all numbers, click on the first line in your table then use Shift from your keyboard and click on the last line of the table

All lines should now be selected


Against Intro or Whisper, use the drop-down to select the audio file just added

Scroll down and click Connect