Q1. Is the Mediahawk Dynamic code GZIP compression compatible?

A1. Yes the Medihawk Dynamic code has been written to ensure it is returned as GZIP compressed if the Browser requires it.

Q2. Does the Mediahawk code load asynchronous?

A2. Yes, the small element of JavaScript code wont affect loading or slow down the site load speed.

Q3. Can I stop the Dynamic code from triggering?

A3. Yes this is very simple for your developers to trigger or not trigger the Dynamic Code. We have excellent developer docs that will assist them HERE

Q4. Can the Mediahawk code work with  single-page-applications website such as React, Angular, Vue.js, Eber.js or WIx websites?

A4. Yes the code can be applied either through Google Tag manager or with a website code change and can correctly trigger call tracking for single-page-applications.