Amend media description

You can amend a service number as long you have Administrator privileges set to your username.

Log in to the Mediahawk system

If you can view the Admin menu, you are an Administrator.

Please contact if you need your access upgraded. Please note that Mediahawk might have to seek approval from the account owner prior to granting this access.

To amend the service number’s media description, follow the instructions below:

Click Admin, then Manage Inbound > Manage Campaigns

Select the campaign where the number you wish to change is by clicking on the name in blue

Click on the number you wish to edit

On the Edit Campaign Number page, you can overwrite the Description of Media for this number.

You may also add/edit the Media Channel, Media Owner or Department from that page.

Once you have finished, scroll down and click Save.

This action will automatically update the description of the service number itself.