Log into the Mediahawk Platform

Select a date range on the top right hand side


You can type the date in the box or use the calendar to make your selection.

Click Apply to generate the new report for your selected date range.

On the left hand side, select Inbound Calls

Under Specify how you would like to view a report: choose Call then click Go

You will now see all the calls which came in to your numbers currently in classic campaigns.

To listen to the call, click on the Play button

To save the audio file to your local PC, click the Download button

Then click Save/Save As and select the folder/location where to save the file


To locate certain calls received from a customer’s phone number or to a particular service number, click Inbound Calls 

Select Call 

Click Go

On the right-hand side, click the Search icon 

Under the Caller ID column, in the search box, type the phone number of the customer you are looking for or under the Service Number column, type the service number in question.

Press Enter with your keyboard.

You will now only see the calls made by this customer or calls received to that service number.