• Google Analytics integrates with all Mediahawk inbound products only.
  • Mediahawk sends data to Google within 5 minutes of the call being registered on the Mediahawk system, however Google can take up to 24 hours to update the information received, please wait 24 hours after set up to see if any data transfers.
  • Google imports data using the date it receives it, so if a call finishes at 23:59, Mediahawk sends it to Google at 1:05am (the next day). The call will be logged in Google under the next day and not the date of the call.
  • When setting a goal, ensure the destination drop down is: equals to.
  • Ensure the goal name matches what you have set up in Mediahawk, and that it begins with a forward slash (/) and ends in html.
  • Mediahawk sends all calls to Google analytics, however it’s only the in-visit calls that get matched with the Google visitor ID.
  • Goals and events are set up the same in Google analytics, the setting you chose in Mediahawk will determine whether we send goal or event data.

Common Questions:

Q1          Why are there differences in my source data?

A1           Mediahawk relies on the source being set up on our system for it to recognise it as a source, if it’s not already set up then it will be classed as a referral. So for example, unless it’s set up on Mediahawk if someone comes from google.fr, we will pick that up as a referral source, whereas Google may pick it up as Google.

Q2          How do I know if I am using Google Analytics Standard or Google Universal?

A2           Please see this Google link to find out: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/4457764?hl=en

Q3          My conversions in Google Analytics don’t match Mediahawk

A3          If your call totals in Google Analytics are only matching your in-visit calls in Mediahawk, check if you have a filter that only includes traffic from your website e.g. www.yourwebsite.com. If this is the case post visit calls won’t be coming through, however to ensure they do, add your websites URL to the hostname field in your Mediahawk Google Analytics setup and this will ensure Google will import all calls.